Software Won't Open

If your Windows update doesn't work. It asks you to automatically install updates each day but once you click on the icon it doesn't show anything so you've got not received your updates. If you go to Control Panel> Security Act> and click on on Windows Update it doesn't restart the primary Windows Update for five minutes (it gets confused) or Windows Explorer. once you finally receive Windows Update, it says that it can't be done because the program doesn't work and it doesn't allow you to change the settings.
You can easily solve this type of problem

You may want to appear into these suggestions.
1. Incapable your antivirus and another security software installed for test purpose before performing the updates. See if this helps.
2. Restart Windows Update service.
Here’s how:
a. Turn off any Windows Update.
b. Click Window + R Key and type cmd.
c. Right-Click on cmd and select Run as administrator.
d. .Type the following commands. Press ENTER after each command:
· net stop wuauserv
· net start wuauserv
e. Close the prompt Commond window.
f. Attempt to install updates again.
3. Sometimes, stopping and restarting the Windows Update Service won't fix problems with Windows Update. you'll reset the Windows Update components.